Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Workout: Day 2

I suppose this is as convenient a place as any to track my personal training progress.

Today marked day two working with a personal trainer, Omar Morales (this is his as-yet uncompleted site for general training, here's a completed one he has catering to moms who want to stay in shape). My start-out measurements:

Weight: 186 lbs (not bad)
Body fat: 12.5% (better than i expected), goal is 7% within the space of a year
BMI: 23.3 (ye-ikes...that's barely within "normal". So I was technically "obese" back when I was 220/230).

My goal is to tone up, get rid of leftover baby fat, and add lean muscle.

I'm such a chicken tho, I reused to take a pic without a shirt on for Omar's website. I guess I'se just too shy. I may just go ahead and take my own for personal documentation; depending on how things turn out, I may or may not post them.

Here's hope for success.

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