Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 8: Here Come the Suppliments.

Yessir! I've actually made it all the way through a whole week, and I feel driven to keep it up indefinitely, which is GOOD ( I was so scared about Day 3 or 4 I'd crap out quick).

Omar is kicking my ass (and everyone else's asses) at the gym for an hour on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Pretty much every time he explains the sets of exercises he wants us to do, I feel the urge to look into the camera at the viewers at home and remark "this mother****** done lost his g**damned mind!" But I quickly realized, if you don't think your trainer is crazy for making you do what he's asking you to do in your workouts, he's probably not a good trainer.

I can actually see the small remains of my once formidable gut starting to shrink away. I'm shy as hell and modest, but if I start seeing abs and obliques like D'Angelo in "Unititled" or something, best believe I'm posting them ALL over the Internets, understand? It will indeed be a "Brand New Day" for the chubby kid who, even as a young adult, thought "sports" was a swear word.

I also got the supplements Omar recommended for me: protein shake (he said Muscle Milk, I chickened out and got Muscle Milk Light b/c I was already having enough trouble regulating carb input because of a mostly vegetarian diet save for the periodic and slow reintroduction of fish and fish ONLY), creatine, and amino acids. I took all three before the workout, and the first two as soon as I got home afterwards...and I must say that I don't feel quite as "beat" as I usually do in the gym or coming home from it. Save for the fact that my upper body strength still leaves a little to be desired, I had a little bit more energy to do what I needed to do. Which is good, because that means I can ascend to the next level as everything gets harder, and then on to the next level...until I look back at old photos of myself and I've got a serious "before" and "after" photo fest going on.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 3: Getting Used to Eating Soooo Often

Today was my first full day on this eating plan: six times a day in 2.5/3 hour intervals. I feel full as hell, even though I've consumed less calories in the entire day than I regularly would have in a typical visit to Moe's Southwestern Grill. There's something scary about that in as far as how unhealthy fast food really and truly is.

Be that as it may, I, er, popped my tofu cherry this evening and cooked tofu for the first time. And i loved it. I guess this makes me officially a stereotypical vegetarian, eh? I mean, I've had tofu often (particularly in aforementioned Moe's meals), but this is my first time actually doing the shit myself.

Well, not entirely by myself It was preflavored, and pre-flavored well. Next time, however, I'm on my own. *horror music*

Using the power of the Internets to my advantage

My trainer wants me to keep food logs, to keep track of what I'm eating, what's in what I'm eating, and when I'm eating it. He gave me a few printed logs to photocopy, but knowing myself and how organized I am with printed materials (that is, not very, ha ha), I decided to take it one step further and made my food logs into a series of spreadsheets on Google Docs.

This is what happens when geeks start training, lol.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Workout: Day 2

I suppose this is as convenient a place as any to track my personal training progress.

Today marked day two working with a personal trainer, Omar Morales (this is his as-yet uncompleted site for general training, here's a completed one he has catering to moms who want to stay in shape). My start-out measurements:

Weight: 186 lbs (not bad)
Body fat: 12.5% (better than i expected), goal is 7% within the space of a year
BMI: 23.3 (ye-ikes...that's barely within "normal". So I was technically "obese" back when I was 220/230).

My goal is to tone up, get rid of leftover baby fat, and add lean muscle.

I'm such a chicken tho, I reused to take a pic without a shirt on for Omar's website. I guess I'se just too shy. I may just go ahead and take my own for personal documentation; depending on how things turn out, I may or may not post them.

Here's hope for success.